My Love is Free

Everything else may cost, but my love is free.

It is easy to make it so. I can give my love to anyone anywhere at any time. It can be a smile or a wave, a listening ear or a comfortable presence.

Love is something that you can give and give and give without getting tired of giving. It is also the thing that will give back and give back without letting up.

People rely too much on money. They think it is so important. They stress over it endlessly. Only because they do not know how to create it. They are held at the mercy of their job title and years of life spent at some place.

With money you are limited. You can only accumulate so much so fast. It is just a tool to exchange value. So don’t aim to increase your amount of money, aim to increase your personal value.

Increasing your personal value means to give love. It means to live in a way that is most harmonious to you. Doing so allows the world to follow suit. As you continue to help yourself, you will see the world around you become brighter.

So give your love. Give and give. You can be in a constant state of giving. Every move you make can give love. Your peaceful presence is giving love. You are love.

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