Tell the Truth

We know what living truth feels like. It feels like home, like letting go.

It feels courageous. But only because we have learned that lies are ok. That lies can help. That they can cover up, make easier, and are better in the end.

But we know that rot begins with single bacteria. We know that the big lie was first contrived from a single lie, and from a network of intricately tied lies. Lies used to cover up other lies. Until what do we have?

Not the truth. We don’t have a happy cover up. We don’t have a more protected child. We don’t have a happier spouse. We don’t have a self more worth esteeming. All we have gained is a further capacity to lie now more than we ever. No, lies do not help. Anyone or anything. You must be brave. You must tell your truth.

We know the risks of telling the truth. We know it may cause someone to not like us. It may cause someone to leave or be angry. You may be wrong. Maybe your truth isn’t correct. But in the face of all of these fears, truth overcomes all. Your authenticity will bring you only good. It will show your true self and will attract others who do the same. Temporary discomfort from the truth far outweighs any lie that perpetuates and grows.

If you lie, you can only tell more lies, and you will have to then worry about keeping those lies alive. Because they are not real. And they can only live on unreal support.

Or you can tell the truth always, and feel free always. In the truth there is only the present. You may live it and let it go. That’s why the truth is all there is. Because it lives in the present. Love and God live in the present too. That’s where we should be.

2 thoughts on “Tell the Truth

  1. I like it, accept for the second to last sentence “Love and God live in the present too.” I think it should be deleted, because no basis was presented for that, and it did not add anything.


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