Do the Right Thing

People think they aren’t doing the right things.

Not exercising enough. Not doing work they enjoy enough. Aren’t around friends that inspire them enough.

But a blissful life does not come from concentrating on what you lack.

Concentrate on loving what you already have. Know that it is enough, and that it is your pathway toward greater fulfillment.

Look inside and see what you have. See who you know. Ask what they’re doing. Say yes to exciting opportunity.

Live your life in prayer. Feel what comes. Embrace the truth that comes with it. Feel empowered. Experience mindfulness. Forget your thoughts. Be playful.

Even in sorrow, know that you have the power in you, and that all feelings pass, good or not.

So feel good about where you are. You’re all you got. And to tell the truth, you’re all there is.

One thought on “Do the Right Thing

  1. Yes, there is not a lack of anything . We are whole and complete. We are here to exercise our potential experimenting life in the material world. We are souls having Earthly experiences💕🙏💕

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