Your Word Matters

Your word matters and what you say is meaningful. Whether it is spoken out loud or in your mind, your words affect the entire universe. The whole world comes down to how you feel, and what you say becomes real. It gives you real feeling.

Think not that your words don’t matter. You think your words hurt only you? You think that something called “you” is separate from the rest of us and that if you are suffering, you are suffering alone? No, when you suffer, we all do. Because the universe is all inside you, and what you say, goes. You think there is a world beyond yours but there is not. One only exists in your mind and in your thoughts but it is not here. And only here is real.

Think not that the thoughts in your head are of you being conscious. Those are not real thoughts. They are thin veils of the mind. Real thoughts are out here. What we are seeing and experiencing right now in front of us is thought. It is prayer.

So what you say determines what you see. The whole world is here and it is free. We have the will to choose thoughts that serve our greater good. And the power to make them real.

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