Stop Living Everyone Else’s Life

Everyone is trying to live a better life. But we’re mostly listening to everyone else’s opinion of how to do so.

Our own advice is scary. It’s our own. That means we have to take full responsibility for what we do with it. And that can be scary. You will be judged. You will be thought of. You will be unsure.

But what gives others power to make you afraid of what you are doing? You will be doing it, and be afraid of what they are thinking. You won’t be yourself. Is there anything wrong with that? Is there anything wrong with you?

No. It’s hard. It’s scary. We all want to be loved. Accepted. And doing things that are different and weird aren’t hardwired into our DNA to accept. But remember that it is the variations of life that allow us to evolve. Remember that those who thrive, are different sure, but only because self love is so starved in a world of war.

So be unrelentlessly self loving. Delusional even. Think about that. Be delusional about loving yourself. Be grandiose. You have permission. You have permission to think whatever you want. Don’t feel bad about it. It’s ok. Your thoughts aren’t up to you. They come. And you observe. And you choose or simply know the ones that serve you. You choose the thoughts to accept. You bring forth the words that have meaning because they come from your mouth.

Yes, this is great responsibility. Yes, everyone has this power. No, not everyone uses it well. There is much pain and suffering and murderous madness in this world. But you only have one true choice.

Trust yourself. Follow your own advice. Stretch yourself into the unknown. Into the never been done by you. It may be to say hi to a stranger on the street, to climb a tree at the park, to tell your brother you love them. All of these things extend our love into the world. Every time we take chances, we test and grow and feel alive.

Yet every time we deny ourselves, and trust others over self, we don’t die, because that would be too comfortable a fate. No, when we deny ourselves, we suffer. We suffer for eternity. And there is no end to it, until we are brave enough to trust our love. And when we do, we find that the next step is not easier, but it is the love of overcoming challenges that we have developed. It is the journey that we loved.

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