What Are You Going to Do?

Is it a little or a lot? Is it your all, or not? You cannot do both. You must be all in or all naught. Love is all there is. How could there not? It does not ask for a little, not even for a lot. Love goes all in, it’s in your every shape, […]

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You Don’t Need Anything

Neither a car nor a pen nor a sword. You are Being and that is enough. But only if you believe you are. At all times and at any moment, you are free to believe that you are enough. It may come after you complete a project of great worth, and you feel a sense […]

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Something For Your Mind

You may not believe it at times, but your mind is yours. It is not here to trap you. It is here for you to use. And lose. All of those thoughts that come give you the opportunity to look at them and decide what they are to become. All thoughts that you focus on […]

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You Are Heaven

You are heaven and heaven’s keeper. Yet you hold a key because you believe that you can deny yourself it. You believe that you are a sinner and not worthy of yourself which is God in heaven. You believe you aren’t there yet. You believe you shouldn’t be there yet. And it is only this […]

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Yes, It’s Your Fault

And you’ve always known. But you can be forgiven for how you in the past. You always will be. Because you always have a choice, and love is all there is. But eternal forgiveness is nothing in comparison to eternal glory. You are forgiven. But glory does not come so easily. It takes discipline in […]

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Imagine Your Life Tomorrow

Before going to bed each night or at noon every day or at some other preset time, visualize your successful future. Not too far into the future, a week at the most, but mostly for things that will be happening tomorrow or in a few hours. Visualize what you will be doing. See you doing […]

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My Love is Free

Everything else may cost, but my love is free. It is easy to make it so. I can give my love to anyone anywhere at any time. It can be a smile or a wave, a listening ear or a comfortable presence. Love is something that you can give and give and give without getting […]

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Tell the Truth

We know what living truth feels like. It feels like home, like letting go. It feels courageous. But only because we have learned that lies are ok. That lies can help. That they can cover up, make easier, and are better in the end. But we know that rot begins with single bacteria. We know […]

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Do the Right Thing

People think they aren’t doing the right things. Not exercising enough. Not doing work they enjoy enough. Aren’t around friends that inspire them enough. But a blissful life does not come from concentrating on what you lack. Concentrate on loving what you already have. Know that it is enough, and that it is your pathway […]

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