The Present Is Forgiveness

What does this mean? Let me explain.

There is no forgiveness in the present because forgiveness is also the present. But when we are projecting our mind’s illusions, and then realize we are doing so, we are able to forgive. So to forgive is not to forgive others, but it is to forgive yourself from “punishment” for being “unconscious”

You see, judgement does not come from God. It comes from you and you alone. Your mind and your mind alone create the meaning that you associate with the world around you. Inherently, all things in this world are meaningless, purposeless, but in relation to our past conditioning, many of the objects around us mean something.

But what about those things that don’t mean anything to me? This is a great example of how your mind gives something power because nothing has power or meaning until you give it to it. A rock is just a rock until you realize you can use it to break a window.

Forgiveness is a state of love and it has no beginning or ending point. Forgiveness is always available. You don’t have to do anything, except accept it when it shows it’s face to you. You will know the time and the crossroad in which this happens. You have opportunities in life every day to forgive yourself. To let go of your worries about who you are and the way you act. You can instead realize this and forgive yourself for who you are. Once you do, you will feel lighter. The burden of having to be someone and act a certain way will be gone. You will experience radical self acceptance, because you now know that you are perfect in this moment of forgiveness because this feeling of it is all there is.

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