Are You Loving Correctly?

Love has no meaning except as its creator defined by His will. Love has no meaning except what you make it. Love is yours to feel as you would have it, free from any bondage.

This means that you don’t have to feel guilty for the way you love life. How you feel love and joy is for you to decide. Thoughts will creep in to tell you that you’re wrong. They’ll tell you you’re not supposed to be feeling happy this way.

In spite of your joy, your mind will tell you why you are wrong. Rationalizations are never scarce. And if your mind is telling you that you are wrong in the face of your joy, you must decide your truth. You must feel the freedom that comes in the knowledge that ego is guilt and God is love. Ego is conditioned. God loves unconditionally. You are not chained down to love on someone else’s terms, you are free to love like love is all there is.

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