The Present Is Forgiveness

What does this mean? Let me explain. There is no forgiveness in the present because forgiveness is also the present. But when we are projecting our mind’s illusions, and then realize we are doing so, we are able to forgive. So to forgive is not to forgive others, but it is to forgive yourself from […]

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Go for No!

It’s about getting rid of the fear of rejection. In sales you face rejection. Sometimes violently. And for unwarranted reasons. Yet you still say “next” and move on. You must also apply this principle to your work with your intimate peers and when out socially. Go for failure. Hear what they say no matter how […]

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Are You Loving Correctly?

Love has no meaning except as its creator defined by His will. Love has no meaning except what you make it. Love is yours to feel as you would have it, free from any bondage. This means that you don’t have to feel guilty for the way you love life. How you feel love and […]

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The Word

Is nothing more than words. They are words that mean things. They pop up all the time. Just because they are there, does not mean that they are true. Just because they pop up into your mind does not mean that they are true. Does not mean that the emotions that come with those words […]

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