Those Hard Times

Weren’t they worth it? Weren’t they worth the pain? Weren’t they worth the struggle? The fight? The defeat? The victory?

Do you look back and wish you never had? If you do, you can only be wrong. You can only harm yourself. And you can only do it in eternity. To blame your self and to shame yourself is to imprison your future forever.

Yet love is also forever. And the only path to love is acceptance. Acceptance means to accept yourself for who you are right now. Acceptance means to accept others for who they are right then. Acceptance does not exist in the past. Acceptance is only right now. Because love is only right now. And love is all there is. If you want to love someone, accept them for exactly who they are and what they do. Don’t think that they should do this or that. Don’t wish that they would do this or that. Don’t try to change them. Just love them for being alive, for you are love, and all you see is you.

Do not look to yesterday with shame of your littleness. Do not wish you had done more, or wasted less, or hugged tighter. Know that you are free from your sins forever, because God only exists right now, and God is love, and if God is all there is, then when you feel love in the service of God, know that you are whole, and realize that you were never not, and know that life itself is imperfect, and you are life itself, and the secret is that you must always move forward. You must always accept and advance. Have no shame. Accept your fault. Own it. And then keep moving. Life is movement. Life does not wish or worry. Life simply grows, reacts, thrives, strives for the light. How silly would it be for life to kill itself by shaming it’s actions and threatening it’s body over regrets? So do not give credit to failure where it is not due. One of the great secrets is that failure does not exist. There is only experimentation. And if life is forever, we already know everything we need to know about everything. Can you see? If experimentation exists forever, and we continue to mold and adapts and move, then we have done all the experiments, and moved to all the places. So we can relax in this glory of life that God has given us. All has been taken care of, so trust in God. Let go of your future, and trust that God is good, for there is no other way.

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