You Too Can Be A Genius

But no one’s going to tell you so.

It’s not something that’s up to others. What you are is never up to others. What you are is whatever you make yourself up to be. You really are exactly what you believe.

Your not really anything anyway. You are completely unique only because you are completely made up of things you learned from others. You really are everything BUT you.

So doesn’t this mean you can be anything? Better yet, doesn’t this mean that you can be what you feel like? That you can be the things that you love and want to be?

If everyone is unique and did things slightly different than everyone else, can’t you too? Do you really have to look around after every move you make and wonder if anyone is going to blame you for it? Can you not accept that you are life and that there has never been another like it? That everything you do is new and cannot be done ‘right’ because there has never been a “right” to begin with. There is only movement, and God is to move in love.

In knowing this we are free. If we are what we see and experience, then we can take actionable and even measurable steps to to make choices in our lives that lead us to believe what we want about ourselves.  To be love, we must do love. Please, take time today to do something that makes you feel peace. Remember that what you are doing in that time is enough. Remember that you are enough. Thank God for life. Thank God for this day. Thank you, for this time.

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