Back in the Swing of Things

There really is no swing of things. Things are happening all the time. It’s nice when there’s a break. It’s nice when you have time to relax, but more often than not, it is the business of life that keeps us moving. We have things to do besides eating and sleeping. We fill our day with activities that we either enjoy or do for our own sake.

We are doing all sorts of things all over the place all the time. There is no question of whether one is more worthy than another. There is no answer to which is right. But movement is life. When we are no longer moving, we are no longer alive.

When our bodies are left idle, they become weak. When our minds are left idle, they too become weak.

Much of the work that is done by people is done with a blank mind. It is done without critical thought or analysis. Most of the working world can shut off their brains for their entire work day while their muscle memory takes their bodies through the motions of their jobs.

People who work like this have no time to exercise their minds. They have no time to have fun with their minds. They have no time to solve problems, propose new ideas, or let their imaginations run wild.

And this is a sad case for a human. Each individual has limitless creativity that can be unleashed if developed supportively and freely. Busy bodies follow busy minds. When we can better give people the ability to bring forth good ideas, their entire lives are set in motion with greater momentum. The more ideas that are acted upon, the greater the momentum towards all ideas becomes.

So I say that life is motion. We must keep our minds and our bodies in motion. We must stay busy as they say. We must follow our passions. We must develop them. We must act on them. We must become them so that they give us meaning because ultimately we are only what we reflect in our life. We are only the things we do and the people we act like. You say you act like yourself? You do not. You act like all of those you look up to most. You act like a combination of the five people you spend the most time with. So don’t be so worried with who you are. Instead, worry about surrounding yourself with good people so that who you are will automatically be who you like most.

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