If You Don’t Remember, Did it Happen?

If you don’t remember who you are, are you still your self?

If you become angry and wild, is that who you are? Or are you you when you are cool and calm?

Where is you? Can you point to you on your body?

Is your arm you? Is your leg you? Is your brain you?

What if your arm is cut off from your body? Is your arm still you? Is it still a part of you? Is it still a part of who you are?

We find that we are something more than just our bodies.

Or that what we truly are, is the absense of all bodies. It is the absense of everything that we experience in the physical world.

This means that what we “truly” are is the limitless potential and unaltered energy of everything.

Everything that we experience happens not in the present, limitless and unaltered moment, but in time and space. We experience change. Therefore we can never take our prejudices or thoughts or emotions very seriously becuase they are not the truth. They are the hurricane surrounding the eye. They blow in the wind. They are fueled by weak vibrations.

We know the true tune that guides us is unalterable. We feel the guide within us as we always have since we can remember. We feel the guide because we remember that at our core we have not changed. Our bodies may have grown older but we as a source of energy have remained what we always have been.

Somehow we get to know more about ourselves as time goes on. Somehow it reveals what we knew all along. That this life has to deserve to be the best life. The only options are that it does or it does not. So the answer must be that it does. The answer must be love.



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