I Affirm it Now

Now is the time to affirm love. Do not feel guilt for not having affirmed yet. Simply be thankful that now you are in affirmaion once more.

You will always be behind your projected future. You will always be chasing it. As you step forward, so does your future. So do not stress too much about things not happening fast enough. Our ego wants things to happen quickly, but once they happen, we are noso excited anymore about where we are. A new future has replaced the old.

So we must understand that we will always have the feeling of chasing our future. We will never be satisfied fully. We will always want and wish and wonder. In knowing this, we can accept it, and be Ok with where we are now and what we have now. And if wanting never ends, then contentness can also exist eternally.

But wishing and wanting are our prayers. It is beautiful to create with our minds. It is glorious how we can predict and create our future before it happens.

How is it that our positive intention allows for events to happen that help bring us to good places in life? How do the “happy accidents” and very friendly faces at the right times occur when they are not asked for? How is it that in the midst of some of the greatest mosforture in life, we can look to the past, and we can know that others have triumphed where we are struggling and know that we too can triumph through.

Does life not exist in love?! To know that if you really are God, you would not betray yourself. You would never let your life be left up to chance. You know that where you are, is where you are supposed to be.

Accepting your ever present power is essential to projecting a postive future. You must know that your core is limitless potential, and your surroundings are what you make them to be. There is endless variety on this planet, and with that means there is something special for you. Your job is to find that something special, or love your faimly, or do what you want that makes you feel alive and in love, and do that often.

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