Staying Home

It is interesting to have a home when you never have never had one before. All of the sudden, you feel like you don’t have to be someone who doesn’t have a home anymore. You can feel happy that you have a place to call home. Even though there are so many places out there in the world where you could live, you have a most safe and comfortable place that is yours.

Once you have found home, you realize you don’t need to go anywhere after all. You feel that even though you could go to all the places, and do all of the things, you wouldn’t be so sad afterall if you couldn’t. In fact, you realize that it was never the places or things at all that you wanted, but it was simply to have a home.

Because once you feel deeply connected to home, it cannot be undone. That is because your connection to home is not new, it is a remembering. We are not creating home, we are remembering it. Our awakening is so strong because we are not creating something new. We are not powering up. We are simply remembering who we are. We are experiencing what has been available to us all along. We are seeing what was hidden before in plain sight.

To find home you need to accept that it exists in you. You must accept that you are everything you need. That you are exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you need to be doing.

This may seem very difficult at many times, and there are endless techniques to help remember home, but the reality of acceptance is that it only exists as an absolute. There is no option of whether you are experiencing home or not, because in reality, you are always home. By and by you begin to realize the permanence of home. You begin to become it more and more. And as you return home, you see that everything out there is the same. It is all from the same source. Whether you see it or not matter not becuase it came from the source that is yourself. You are all that you need. And from that base of power, from your base of home, you may freely venture all you have created.

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