The Difference Between Said and Done

Is as apparant as black or white. It either is, or it isn’t. Something has been done, or something is being said about being done.

Too often we pay attention to what we think is happening. We think that what we are thinking could be the truth. We are convinced that we must be close to thinking about how some situation may have played out. And no matter how irrational that thought may be, we willingly give it emotions, thereby making what was only said, done.

By believing what is said, we make it done. So be done first. Then belief is not necessary.

That is how your future is created. By knowing things. Not believing in them.

We are falling into more and more knowing, and less and less believeing. Deeper understanding, with less information. We don’t have to struggle so much when we know who we are. In fact there is no struggle at all in truth.

It has been done. Everything said is a lie. There is no difference between said and done, because nothing was ever said, it has only been done. Things are only said when we believe in them. And that’s why they are false, because they require belief. Things that are real require nothing. They are all already taken care of for us. This life is not meant to be up to us. We don’t have to take such responsibility. We can leave it to God. And then we remember who we are, and be at peace.


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