Errors in Others

Are created by you. Their error is as real as you make it. Their errors get on your nerves, but it is not because of them, it is because of you. You want to correct their error, you want them to be different. But for who’s benefit? Your ego’s. It could not be for the Holy Spirit’s, because it has already ignored all error, because error does not exist. If God is perfect and you are God, and God is you, your brothers, and everything, are they not perfect also? Isn’t it true that error could also not exist in them?

What someone says may be insane, but they are a child of God, and they, as you, are free from imprisonment, are free from error. Your anxiety and anguish for them is not God’s reality. It is one of separation, fear, the ego. The only reality is acceptance. You must be present with someone to accept them. What they say is not important, what is, is that they are as divine as you are.

They are not separate from you. All you need to do is accept them as they are. Not worry about what you have to say about them, or how you should feel about them. Those are questions who’s answers are only confusion. Because there is no way to deal with something that is not real. The fact that you are dealing with something, as if you did not have control of how you feel, is insane. There is no dealing, only being. The only real option is to listen. To pay attention. Because if this world is yours, isn’t it worth paying attention to? Cherishing every bit of? Isn’t it insane to fight with it? To fight yourself? To think that your ego needs to survive by being better, more correct, or different? Isn’t it insane to think that you need to be higher than your self? You don’t. You are always enough. You don’t need more. So listen and love all that you have.

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