Being Light

Light is to overcome the earth. Light does not attack, it merely shines away darkness. We are the light. And everywhere we go, we bring it with us. Because when we are light, nothing else exists. Being light means to treat others the way you want to be treated. It means to realize that you are here to listen to others. You are here to treat every interaction with another as Holy because that is truly what it is. You meet your self always. Everything around you at all times, is you. Is yours. You must be here for it. You must respect and love yourself. You are not here to impose yourself. To get your two cents in. To prove yourself right. You don’t need to. You are here for yourself and if you love yourself then you can accept and appreciate and bless always. You can bless those that attack you. You must! Because that is the only reality. Love is your reality. And in love, you are all powerful. You are everything. You cannot be killed. You cannot die. You cannot have your feeling hurt. You can’t feel bad. You can’t be bad. You are the center. An unshakable peace. Everything that happens around you is on the periphery. God does not punish. There are no mistakes. And when you feel that you are mistaken, know that you are forgiven. You must be. Because God is only perfection. And you are God.

When there is complete peace, and complete joy, the we are in the kingdom. We are whole. And that is all there is. It is what God created us for, and we are god. Know that anything that is not complete peace and complete joy is not the kingdom. Our will allows us to realize this and come back to peace. Back to wholeness. Yet we were never not there. The more we remember to stop our negative thinking and return to peace, the more it becomes us. The holier we become. The more we fully realize that we never left.

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