You Must Be Perfect

You must be God’s will, because you cannot be anything else. You have two options, to choose fear or life. But really, you cannot choose to be afraid, you cannot choose to be separate, to be anything less than Holy, because that does not exist.

You must be perfect, you must be whole, because God is whole. And you are a part of God. You are God because you are whole. There is really no other choice but to accept. You must accept that you are everything. That everything is enough. You cannot use your mind to rationalize this. You can only be in silence and feel that it is so. Say that you are where you are and there is no place you could be otherwise, that there is no one you could be otherwise, that there is nothing else that could be except for everything you are right now. Because it is the truth. You must create. You must extend love. This is your only way. Because the only way to get is to give. The only way to feel love and peace and joy is to feel those things for everyone and everything.

Listen to the Holy Spirit. Know that you aren’t the anger and separation that you feel. Know that you aren’t the blame and frustration that you feel like extending to someone. Remember that it is all in your mind. Any of those feelings from another are to be exchanged for blessing. The Holy Spirit will remind you of the wholeness that you are. You don’t have to fight, that would be to fight with non existence, with a false reality. You must bless, you must forget those things and instead extend love. That is the only reality. If you are whole, and you are, the only reality is joy. And you can create that reality by accepting the divine and being that reality.

Your will is God’s will. Your will is as powerful as His because it is His. Your ego wishes for the impossible. It wishes for things outside of yourself. And you cannot do anything outside of yourself. You are trust. You are trusted. You are able to be a full expression of love as you wish. You are safe to extend your self to others. Because you extend wholeness and appreciation. Sharing your self is not open to choice. Though it may seem to be. This is the error of separation. Everything has already been given to you. You cannot be in error. You will learn the difference between pain and joy. And even that is not up to you. The Holy Spirit will always be your truthful guide, because your joy is His. It is your natural state of being. It is easiness as opposed to see levels of difficulty.

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