This Has Nothing To Do With Religion

This is the way life is. The way it is actually happening. It does not have to do with being a part of a group that does certain things a certain way. Unless that is simply a dedication to loving, accepting, giving, appreciating, blessing. And in reality, you are these things already. So you never had to give them, just remember to be them.

Talking about whether Jesus did things this way or that way, or if God told Mohammed this and that, doesn’t mean anything to true religion. The truth lies in what all the characters of those stories represent about reality. Reality is not the forms we think about. Because forms are always changing. But truth is universally true always. So it is not what happened in form that matters, but what the meaning those forms represent is.

All people are different. Every single one. It is not their form that matters. But what you give them that matters. Because what you give them, you give yourself. When you extend acceptance, that’s what you are. The whole of existence is to be appreciated if you become appreciation. It is not a matter of giving to receive so you can be, but simply having a quality of being that is in accordance with peace.

All reality comes from rejecting projections and returning to divinity. Our projections only have as much life as we give to them. Once we cut them off, they are gone, so they must be illusion. We have the complete capacity to stop our projections and forget them. We can deny feelings by choosing to be in a state of receptivity. We are free to create a habit of lovingness that will keep us home.

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