The Kingdom

You are love. Our kingdom is love. Our love is not of this world. It is beyond all worlds.

You are in the kingdom when you see yourself in everyone. When you see yourself in everything. When you feel at home wherever you go. When you feel like a king. Where the whole world is yours.

You respect your world. You love your world. And you are not afraid of it. You are not afraid of the things in it, or the people in it. You fear judgement only because you judge. If you treated others as you wish to be treated, your mind would be still, and you wouldn’t be scared of anyone. You wouldn’t have to. Because you need not project onto someone who is the same as you are. Who is you. You need not think of them at all. Just simply move amongst all that is happening.

There’s no one to be afraid of. No one can take away from you. Because you have no lack. You are whole. Feeling like you aren’t enough, that someone else is more, that something should have been different, will take you in circles. Those thoughts and emotions take you round and round but never get anywhere, because truly, you are always whole. Any feeling of lack is the ego’s way of separating you from wholeness. From reality that is forever devoid of anything but an underlying joy.

You know the feeling of this bliss. And know that it is the truth of who you are. That everything else is the illusion. That it does not have control over your mind. But you do. That it can be taken non seriously. That things are not so serious. Because you cannot be destroyed. You are only creation.

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