11/30/17 – What Is God?

There are a million ways to explain, but here are a few:

Stillness, love, meditation, taking in the beauty of a sunset, skiing quickly and smoothly, chopping vegetables for you favorite meal, snuggling close to someone you love, the moment before you kiss, unafraid eye contact, petting a dog, excruciating physical pain, deep relaxation…

We are not separate from existence. Really, there is no us. The truth of our existence does not lie as something that can be defined, but it can be pointed to. You must feel reality for yourself. So you don’t have to worry about to reaching God, or returning to God. You already are. Always was and always will be.

That’s why we say that God is in everything. That God is everything. Because it is only when we believe that we are separate that we forget this. When we believe that we are being attacked, and that we should attack back, and that we are not responsible for our actions, we are wrong. The reason is that we cannot be attacked. When we can choose how to react, the responsibility lies with us. So being attacked doesn’t exist, only our choice to believe we are does. If we identify with the Holy Spirit rather that a projection of our person, we will react in the appropriate way.

“Teach only love, for that is what you are

What we believe, we teach. We can only teach love, because love is all there is. You are forgiven for everything. Because there was never anything wrong. They were only waves as a part of the ocean. You are the ocean, not the wave.

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