Errors in Others

Are created by you. Their error is as real as you make it. Their errors get on your nerves, but it is not because of them, it is because of you. You want to correct their error, you want them to be different. But for who’s benefit? Your ego’s. It could not be for the […]

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We use the body to communicate, and we get back what we put out. The body is the medium for love. We use it to extend love to all others. Extending love means to see your brother as holy as you see yourself. And you must see yourself as an ultimate source of love and […]

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Being Light

Light is to overcome the earth. Light does not attack, it merely shines away darkness. We are the light. And everywhere we go, we bring it with us. Because when we are light, nothing else exists. Being light means to treat others the way you want to be treated. It means to realize that you […]

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You Must Be Perfect

You must be God’s will, because you cannot be anything else. You have two options, to choose fear or life. But really, you cannot choose to be afraid, you cannot choose to be separate, to be anything less than Holy, because that does not exist. You must be perfect, you must be whole, because God […]

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The Kingdom

You are love. Our kingdom is love. Our love is not of this world. It is beyond all worlds. You are in the kingdom when you see yourself in everyone. When you see yourself in everything. When you feel at home wherever you go. When you feel like a king. Where the whole world is […]

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11/30/17 – What Is God?

There are a million ways to explain, but here are a few: Stillness, love, meditation, taking in the beauty of a sunset, skiing quickly and smoothly, chopping vegetables for you favorite meal, snuggling close to someone you love, the moment before you kiss, unafraid eye contact, petting a dog, excruciating physical pain, deep relaxation… We […]

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