11/15/17 – Relaxation

This should be the main goal. To relax. We are always tense. Our default setting is to be uptight. To be always moving. To be always doing. To always be striving towards some goal. This causes us unnecessary burden and unease. It hinders us from not only living a more peaceful life, but an effective […]

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11/14/17 – Hustling and Creativity

I want more projects. And more projects are happening. Today, Cole and I launched timescales.life . Fittingly, it will be a site dedicated to capturing the different time scales of life. We will show timelapses of plants growing, and slow motion of fly’s buzzing. The idea is that all living things experience life relatively, and […]

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11/13/17 – The Stories In Me

Feel like they are waiting to come out. The reason they can’t right now, is time. They must come out at the right time. Because there is no channel for them to flow through yet. The physical world is not ready to host them. So they lie in wait in the subjective realm. But even […]

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11/9/17 – The Real Value of Events

I went down to SF last weekend in order to capture footage for a beautifully spoken interview/testimonial, a powerfully captivating partner dance session, a natural parkour training session, and a weekend long seminar. Saturday night, my vehicle was broken into, and my camera gear, along with laptop and two other friends backpacks, were stolen. As […]

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