11/28/17 – Guilt

Guilt is a fearful thought.

We choose either between heaven and earth. Every moment is the decision. Yet we can only decide to return to heaven when we are lost in disruptive thought. Not the other way around. This is how we know the ego is false. This is how we know that guilt is an error. Because we we wish to reunite in heaven, not in ego. Because we literally are heaven. Not ego. Ego does not exist in heaven. So if we are heaven, then ego is not real. Can you imagine a God that would punish you for returning to Him? For bringing back your creation of perfectness to all? Of course not. So there is no need to feel guilt.

It is not our responsibility to create thought. Only to recognize disruptive thought, and to return to oneness. So we need not feel guilt for our thoughts. Doing so would mean we are separate from God who created them. We can let go of judgement, and simply recognize negative thought, make the decision to let it go because we realize that we wish to be one with God, and then do so. This is our sole mission. It is simple. It is joyous. It is unburdening. It is freedom.

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