11/27/17 – Infinite Abundance

The world is made up of ideas.

What you acknowledge in your brother, you acknowledge in yourself. What you share, you strengthen.

Material things become less when they are shared. Ideas become more. When you share an idea fully, you still have that idea. When someone else embodies it, it becomes even more strengthened within you.

We are here to share our good ideas. And there is one fundamental idea of truth. It is love. It is knowing that you are being blessed by every good thought by your brothers, and that you should want to bless in return, out of gratitude.

Give fully of yourself. This is not an action. It is not a doing. It is a letting go. It treating others as if they are you. As if you can be totally comfortable around them because everything around you is yours. Is your being. You wouldn’t think junk about yourself. You wouldn’t judge yourself. You love yourself. Now realize that there is no you and there is only they. So be in love with the world. Be comfortable. Be at home always.

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