11/26/17 – Learning About Yourself

The point is to learn about yourself. But you do not exist except as an ego. The only way you can learn about yourself is if you learn about everything else that is not you. Because you are everything. But you are not yourself.

Our mission in life is very simple. It is to live so as to demonstrate that you are not an ego. Where before we lived as someone, now we live as others, as no one. This means that we can see each other as brothers and sisters. Because if we are living as others, we love them as ourself. We do not judge them, as we do not wish to judge ourselves. We simply accept others, and accept life, because we live through it. Because we are it.

“God will come to you only as you will give Him to your brothers” (A Course in Miracles, pg.69) To get, you must give. There is no other way. Really there is no receiving. There is only giving. Because receiving is our basic nature. We are love, so we are in constant reception. We do not lack, so there is nothing more to get. All we are able to do is give our overflowing abundance of love. This is by treating someone as you would want to be treated; non judgementally, with appreciation, with a want to learn from them. This is how we feel love, this is how we learn about ourselves; by loving others, and by learning from others. Because love is one.

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