11/24/17 – It is Inevitable

So you may as well accept it. Accept all. God is inevitable. You cannot avoid Him. By fearing we only prolong the inevitable. We only take ourselves on unnecessary journeys. Ones that in the end only lead to the overcoming of your fear.

These journeys are our perceptions. They live in our ego. They are false because they are not the reality. They are fragments. All perceptions are fragments. All perceptions are judgements. All judgements are accusatory. They are attacks. You cannot judge a true brother. Judgement means that you do not see him for what he truly is. Truth is whole. Not a fragment.

Judgement always involves rejection. It is to see someone less than what they really are. The choice to judge rather than to know is the cause of the loss of peace.

The ego is fragments. The spirit is whole. The spirit can never have anything to do with ego and the ego cannot with the spirit. They are far away from one another. Yet the spirit is real and the ego is not. The spirit is built on an unshakable foundation. The ego is built on a crippling one.

The spirit is not rationalizing. It is not convincing yourself of anything. Even when convincing yourself of “good”. The spirit is stillness. The spirit is desirelessness. It is the where we all return to. It is heaven. The ego is dust on the mirror. Dust that is being blown away.

You have been given the house of God. Know what you are, and accept your own inheritance.

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