11/23/17 – Thankfulness

There are only two sides to our existence; love and fear. You cannot have both at the same time. When you love, you can only love totally. And love is really all there is. Fear is an error. A misjudgment. Darkness is simply a lack of light.

We can be thankful or not. We can live in a world of abundance, or one of lack. It is up to us to decide. It is a decision we choose to make multiple times a day. The more we choose one or the other, the more real that choice becomes.

Really, matter is fixed. It all sits there right in front of us. The only thing that makes it different, is our mind. Matter would mean nothing without our mind to perceive it. That means that mind is what determines the way we see the world. It is the reason why one person can look at a situation and see positivity, and another negativity. The objective facts of the situation are the same, but it will have a different effect on each person’s life.

Yet abundance is the truth. Love is the truth. Because everyone has felt some love in their life. At our core, it is what we all know is true. And or minds make us see and feel life as such. The trouble is that we don’t know the strength of our minds. We don’t know how abundant love really is. We are not open to receiving a greater abundance of love that exists. We are so used to giving our power to our fears.

When Jesus says, “forgive them lord for they know not what they do” we know not the power that our minds give to our fears. We are swooned into charged visualizations and emotions that create a great energy. We know not the power of our thoughts. We may dismiss their power, and say that they cannot move mountains, but that is only because you say so. The body does not create. The mind creates. Every thought is a creation. And the mind is always creating.

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