11/21/17 – There Are No Idle Thoughts

Fear arises because you haven’t made up your mind about something. It is a discord between what the mind wants and what the body is doing.

You may be doing something, but thinking about how maybe you should be doing something else. You have not made a full decision to do what you are doing right now. If you did, there would be no discord. There would be no fear.

Decisiveness is the term. We must be decisive in our minds about what we do. To decide what we must do, we must be open to trusting our gut. We must trust in what we feel is right. This feeling for what we think is right is the divine giving us direct guidance. When you don’t know what to do, or what to choose, you must go with your instinct. If you do, you will never be led astray.

Once you make a decision, leave it. Go forward without wondering if you made the wrong one. You must realize that doing this would be pointless, since you made a decision supported by your intuition, which will never steer you wrong. You must also see that to question your decision is a mind error because to do so would put you back in the same situation you just came out of by being decisive.

The mind is so powerful. If we believe that our thoughts can move mountains, they can. If we don’t, we can’t. Our mind is always creating. It is always forming. And every form and every creation has an impact. Our mind is our most beautiful piece of art. It animated the body and our physicality. All of our negative thinking has been learned, and it can be unlearned. We may mold the mind as we see fit. We can give it power to do whatever we want. Physical things don’t create anything. Nothin physical creates. Our mind creates everything. Our mind is the creator. You are the creator, and the created.

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