11/20/17 – Who Do You Play For?

Think of a pilot in an airplane. When a warning signal goes off, the pilot knows that he is being signaled to correct course. The same is happening to you when you feel tension because of your perceived wrong doing. Your tension, your fear, is only a signal to correct course back to truth. Back to the ever presence of divine assurance. So no need to wallow, your pain was not meant to be wallowed in. It is only a guide. An indication to return to oneness. It is a part of your perfection, of your process reunite with the source.

A miracle is when you perceive others as perfection, even when you cannot perceive it in yourself. It is when you defy time. When you are beyond time. When you see the truth that is irregardless of time; because truth is not bound by time. Time does not exist for truth.

Truth is ever present always and it is always here. Our misperceptions are dust on the glass. Our fears are a misunderstanding of reality. There is no fear in truth. And truth is reality. Forget your fears. Ditch your visualized illusions. Let go of your emotional reactions to harmful thoughts that you have realized are not truth. Every moment is a new moment, and God is here always.

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