11/19/17 – It Just Matters That You Are

It doesn’t matter where you are, it just matters that you are.

It just matters that you are doing. That you are in a process.

Where you are on this journey is pointless. You cannot help where you are. You are simply there. You can think that sometime in the future you will get there. That sometime later you will be in peace. That you will have attained.

But it doesn’t matter where you are, because you are already there. You have already attained. You have already achieved. That’s why it is pointless to think about where you need to go. There is no where to go. There is nothing to attain. It has all been done for you. It was not even done. It is simply the nature of things. Your peace is the basic nature of things. It is already here for you. As you. You are it!

You need not travel time to get there in the normal sense of the phrase. Because at any moment, you can already do so. Be here in the present, and you have attained. Be in peace, and you are everything you are supposed to be. There is no future. You have everything you need right now. It is all here for us. It always was and it always will be. Our practice is to remember it. Remember it more and more until it becomes us again. Until we are full of peace.

The fate of our future lies in our state of being. You know that it is pointless to predict the future. You know that your visualizations and wants of what is to come, never comes. At least, not as you thought it would. Visualization is not for crafting a play by play viewing of our life to be. It is to create peace in us that will bring more peace. The physical matter that manifests itself in your future is not what’s important. The state of your peaceful being at that time is. Which is why that time must be now. When you are in love, situation doesn’t matter. Location doesn’t matter. Who is present doesn’t matter. Because it is all love. It is all God. As you are. And you will always be present and content with yourself. The physicality of it does not shake you, it is you, and you are its creator. You embody unshakable peace in the midst of your creation.

When you are lost in thought. In trance. And when you stop and remember the present, simply drop the thought. Don’t feel remorse for thinking it. Just drop it and remain present. These are those thoughts of those situations that you plan for what you will do if someone says something. The thoughts you plan of how you will react if someone does something to you. The thoughts of why you deserve this because of all you’ve done, or how they couldn’t begin to understand how much you do. These thoughts that don’t serve you, you automatically recognize them, recognize that they don’t serve you, drop them, do not feel shame for them, and remain alert.

All that we desire is already here. It is found right here right now. We only miss it, because we believe we don’t have it. We must know that the only way to have it, in any time, is to know that we have it right now. If we don’t believe we have it now, we will never have it in the future. It is our attitude that determines what we receive. What we receive is dependent upon how reunited we are to our divine source. Everything is here for us. The more reunited we are, we more we have. All we have is all we need.

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