11/18/17 – Initiation

Today is the new moon. It is time for a new phase. A new phase dedicated to the development of a higher self. To a dedication to that higher self. Because we know what it is. We know what it feels like. What it acts like. What it says and does. Or doesn’t do. Who brings acceptance wherever he goes and does not allow selfish anger over taking things personally.

We know God. We know Godliness. We know our true selves. But we forget. Because we are habitual creatures. We are programmed to act this way. Our automatic responses are to be angry, insecure, craving. We have identified our faults as being who we are. So when we try to change ourselves, we fail because we are still identifying as that same self that we think we are. The one with faults.

So we must instead become our higher selves. We must see ourselves as divine. Act as divine. Ask ourselves, “Am I animal, or divine?” The answer to that question will determine your character. It will determine your choices and actions. The more we identify with that answer, the more we will become it.

Our behavior is a matter of programming. Our spirit is infinite. God is infinite. There is no form in the subjective realm. Our lower faculties of words and visualizations determine our behavior. When we identify our selves as divine, those faculties lead us to act as divine.

The word “religion” means to “re-tie”. We are to re-tie our selves to our divinity. This is our ultimate purpose. Through it, all and nothing will be achieved.

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