11/16/17 – Forgiveness

Is much more than saying “I forgive you”. It is a mentality. A state of being.

Forgiveness is not only forgiving others, but forgiving yourself. Forgiving yourself for not being perfect. Forgiving others for the same.

Forgiveness is a state of meditation. It means that you don’t get angry at someone for acting as they do. Your state of forgiveness simply allows them to be, and it allows you to stay behind your false emotions and perceptions. It allows you to see what is real. What is really happening in that moment. It free’s you from time.

Forgiveness gives you miracles. It allows the miracle of presence between you and your brother. It opens the door to revelation. It allows you to learn lessons that would otherwise take thousands of years.

Forgiveness happens when you realize that: “Spirit is in a state of grace forever. Your reality is only spirit. Therefore you are in a state of grace forever” (A Course in Miracles, 10). You are perfection. Your imperfections are false. They are a false sense that you have falsely acquired. You can forgive yourself for you faults, you can forgive other for their faults, you need not take them to heart, because your reality is not imperfection, your reality is spirit, and you are in grace. And when time falls away, you will always be in grace.

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