11/15/17 – Relaxation

This should be the main goal. To relax.

We are always tense. Our default setting is to be uptight. To be always moving. To be always doing. To always be striving towards some goal.

This causes us unnecessary burden and unease. It hinders us from not only living a more peaceful life, but an effective one as well. Thinking and focusing so much on our goals and future actually sets us back from achieving those goals, and brings about the tense future you are envisioning.

So we must remember to drop our tensions. We must practice relaxation as much as we can. Let your energy drop down into your pelvis. Down to the very base of your genitals. This is where relaxation sits. This is where we can relax. We are not used to living down here. We have suppressed it.

Dropping your energy brings you into awareness reality. It lets you experience what is actually happening here and now, rather than reliving the past, or falsely predicting and becoming lost in the future. It will help you to live better relationships. You will actually listen to and absorb the person you are with, rather than waiting for your turn to talk, or not really paying attention at all. You think that what you have to say is so important. You think that not being here in this moment with someone is not so important, but it is.

You must realize that every moment in life is here for you. What surrounds you is no accident. Sure, it may not seem so significant because you have lived around most of it your entire life, but think about how short this blip of time compared to the beginning of time has been. Think about how complex and perfect everything is around you. Think about how many years and different formations of evolution it took to get to where you are right now.

I believe that you are everything. That this whole world is here for you. I want you to feel that everything is significant. That nothing can be taken for granted. Because would you take yourself for granted? Would you design a whole world for yourself just so that you could be lost in not experiencing it. It’s not about changing habits, its about changing your attitude. You must live like you are the most sacred. That you are the most special. Not more than anyone or anything else. But that you yourself are God experiencing yourself as man. You are the creator and the created. There is no gap in between. Everything that you will ever know comes from yourself. So why sell yourself short? Why not believe yourself to be anything less than divine? All powerful? All knowing? Ever pervading. You share in the qualities and likeness of God because that is who you are.

So relax. I am tired of fighting. I am tired of hurting with my opinions and misunderstandings. I am tired of being offended. Of offending others in retaliation. If I were to relax, to not let my emotions take hold of me, but to listen and to response in distance, then I could feel more sane. I don’t have to take offense. It doesn’t make sense to. I need to stop taking things personally. I am not my person. I need to communicate in more truthful manner. I can’t be afraid to say things for fear of hurting others feelings if in the long run, we will both hurt more. Things must be out in the open. That way we can both learn from each other more quickly and quietly.

There seems to be a couple of keys. Attitude, and meditation. We must identify ourselves and divine, and continually return to meditation. We must embody a believe as being divine, and we must relax into our true nature. The practice of both of these will bring us to our highest self. They will bring us the peace that is our true nature.


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