11/14/17 – Hustling and Creativity

I want more projects. And more projects are happening.

Today, Cole and I launched timescales.life . Fittingly, it will be a site dedicated to capturing the different time scales of life. We will show timelapses of plants growing, and slow motion of fly’s buzzing. The idea is that all living things experience life relatively, and at a different speed of perception. A humming bird can more accurately see where it’s going at high speeds because it sees at a higher frame rate so to speak. Even plants grow rather quickly. So through timelapse, we can see the way a plant moves as it grows, just as we would see a human move and stretch in real time.

The objective of this project is to bring all living things to a scale that is commonly perceptible to humans. By doing this we are able to show the shared quality of living all creatures have. We can prove through these videos that we are not so isolated as human beings. That life of all forms experiences individuality, yet connection with the whole, just as we do.

So timescales.life is one great project that has started. For another I find a way to get in front of the camera and just talk. But I am not sure what to say. When starting this blog, the same barrier existed. I knew I wanted to say something, but I was not sure what was supposed to come out. So I started first just writing whatever I felt like, and to this day, that has been my method. It has been good so far. I love having this ability to write every day and not worry about structuring something. I just want to express myself in a way that feels most truthful to me. I am very happy with what it has allowed me to say so far.

So maybe this same kind of strategy should be used with talking to a video camera. First I will just say anything. I don’t really need to think about it too much or plan a lot. I should just say what comes to mind and let it flow. I should post the videos here, on this website also.

I do however want to write and say more structured things in the near future. It is great to be able to express unstructured, but there is another level of satisfaction that comes from creating something more difficult. That takes more time, planning, and has a theme. I want to tell better stories. Ones that reveal the truth of life.

Just writing about these projects make them more real for me. I feel them inside of me, and I can’t wait to let them out. It is just so hard to start sometimes. Or maybe it is just not the right time to start them. I am not sure. I just know that I want to do them. And I must do them soon. Time waits for no one.


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