11/13/17 – The Stories In Me

Feel like they are waiting to come out. The reason they can’t right now, is time. They must come out at the right time. Because there is no channel for them to flow through yet. The physical world is not ready to host them. So they lie in wait in the subjective realm.

But even though they are not physical yet. Even though they have not manifested themselves as electricity inside my brain, I know they are there, waiting. I can feel them in my gut. There is a whole realm of ideas waiting to come forth. Waiting for me to create the channel in which they can tune in to my brain and spark as an idea.

I fear though that they will never come forth. That they will never have the chance to see the light. I fear that I am not doing everything in my power to give them life.

I know though that these ideas are already here. My fear is only as real as I give it life to be. So I think instead of my present task. About my current ideas and how I am making them alive right now. I don’t need to worry about what ideas will come. They will come out of my control. They will come as a result of the choice I make everyday to create and live my truest self.

I can feel bliss always because I choose to feel it right now. I choose to let go of the past, and ignore future’s anxiety. I relax my body, and let go of my tension. I realize that this moment is the one of my work. That I don’t need to try to make things happen. That all I need to do, is pay attention right now. Right now is my work. Right now is my creativity. Right here is my love.


9 thoughts on “11/13/17 – The Stories In Me

  1. This is so well put! I’ve been EXACTLY in that place. Lol
    Once I let go and just trusted that it was all coming together in the background, the process just worked. Regular random resurfacing of the concept would be acknowledged but not forced, then sometimes WEEKS later a piece would fall into place and suddenly the entire story was pouring itself onto a page. Xx

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    1. Oh wow. Yes it seems like if we are living in our ego, and thinking that we need to produce right now, right away, it brings up a ton of anxiety and tightness within us, and then we unnecessarily block ourselves! What is this type of project your talking about where you’ve been stuck on a story, and only weeks later were you able to continue?


  2. Sorry, lol
    All it takes is trust, just go with it.
    I’ve had it with most of my pieces – the idea / inspiration happens first, and I could be sitting with nothing more than a metaphor or title or haunting mental image for ages, before I can even decide if i have a poem, haiku, short story or (gasp) that possible novel. Hahaha
    Weird as it sounds, it always shapes itself, and it feels completely natural. You just know when you’re ready to get started


    1. Haha I love your comments! Yes it can be frustrating to not know what to write right away, but then feels so good once something comes out. And just knowing that part of the process most of the time is to be patient with that flow, helps to alleviate the pressure of getting something out. Ive found that habit has helped to bring out ideas more and more. The more I write, the easier it gets! But the more complicated and structured the writing gets, the longer it may take to get something down. So that struggle is a good sign because it means you’re pushing your boundaries!


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