11/9/17 – The Real Value of Events

I went down to SF last weekend in order to capture footage for a beautifully spoken interview/testimonial, a powerfully captivating partner dance session, a natural parkour training session, and a weekend long seminar.

Saturday night, my vehicle was broken into, and my camera gear, along with laptop and two other friends backpacks, were stolen.

As I approached the car after dinner that night, it took a few seconds for it to fully register what had happened. It a took a bit to realize the full implications of what had happened, and what it means that those things were now gone.

I only felt hurt from being taken from like that. I felt hurt that someone would steal from me. Even though they have no idea of who I am. And I have no idea who they are. The evil act simply does not feel good.

Losing the gear didn’t feel too bad at the time. Losing the footage sucks, but some of it can be done again. And we can always shoot more footage.

The hurt for the situation was not very great, which is what I noticed the most. I almost enjoyed that I was so calm in the midst of this tragedy. And for good reason. And because I knew it was for good reason. I can’t believe that all situations can’t be taken in stride. I can’t believe that every act and occurrence isn’t some way for me to grow for the better. In fact, I must believe this. And there was evidence right there in my face to assure and comfort me of this.

As I looked around the scene of the crime, I saw the numbers on the parking meter read 444444206. My spiritual number is 4. 206 is Seattle’s area code. I live in room 206. I then looked to the building behind me. The building number was 444. It was divine comfort staring me straight in the face. I could not deny it. I didn’t need to. I know this to be true. It was also a full moon that night. For sure, the most brilliant I have ever seen.

Good has come out of this situation. Because I am always ready for it. I am always ready for anything. As much as I can be. Because I am meditative. Because I see the world as it really is. Not based it thought projections. I don’t need to consider facts or logistics or plans. I know. I have a deep knowing. And through it, I live in unshakable peace.

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