11/28/17 – Guilt

Guilt is a fearful thought. We choose either between heaven and earth. Every moment is the decision. Yet we can only decide to return to heaven when we are lost in disruptive thought. Not the other way around. This is how we know the ego is false. This is how we know that guilt is […]

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11/27/17 – Infinite Abundance

The world is made up of ideas. What you acknowledge in your brother, you acknowledge in yourself. What you share, you strengthen. Material things become less when they are shared. Ideas become more. When you share an idea fully, you still have that idea. When someone else embodies it, it becomes even more strengthened within […]

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11/24/17 – It is Inevitable

So you may as well accept it. Accept all. God is inevitable. You cannot avoid Him. By fearing we only prolong the inevitable. We only take ourselves on unnecessary journeys. Ones that in the end only lead to the overcoming of your fear. These journeys are our perceptions. They live in our ego. They are […]

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11/23/17 – Thankfulness

There are only two sides to our existence; love and fear. You cannot have both at the same time. When you love, you can only love totally. And love is really all there is. Fear is an error. A misjudgment. Darkness is simply a lack of light. We can be thankful or not. We can […]

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11/18/17 – Initiation

Today is the new moon. It is time for a new phase. A new phase dedicated to the development of a higher self. To a dedication to that higher self. Because we know what it is. We know what it feels like. What it acts like. What it says and does. Or doesn’t do. Who […]

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