10/8/17 – Objectification

What happens when your phone is no longer a phone, but a person? What happens when we treat things like they are people? Why do we treat people like things? Treating the woman you love as a “wife”. Reducing that person to a “cashier” or “an employee” here to serve you? Godliness is what exists […]

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10/6/17 – Why Freedom?

Freedom is the most important thing. For anyone. For anything. Not just the freedom to do things like move, speak, and live. But the freedom to be. The freedom to be left alone. To be exactly as we like. Too many people in too many places try to imprison others. One person and one place […]

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10/4/17 – Speak Their Language

We need to learn to speak each others language. Not even literally each other’s mother tongues, but we need to use each others differentiating words to convey universal meanings. Art is one way to do this. Science another. Spirituality and religion another. We need to use bait to draw each other in. To draw each […]

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10/3/17 – God Is Imperfection

Another word for perfect? Dead. Something that is perfect is no longer moving. It is no longer growing. It is dead. It is absolute. If God is absolute, then God is dead. But nothing is life is perfect. Nothing is absolute. Everything is moving always. It is growing always. Even the cities of concrete expand […]

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10/2/17 – Love is Hate

I want to love totally. Love so much that I love even hate. That does not mean that I will have happy feelings about hate. But it will mean that I can continue to look at the world in a way that I am both a part of it and not. I am a part […]

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