10/30/17 – Acceptance isn’t Active, it’s Passive

I mean that acceptance isn’t supposed to be something hard to do. It’s a letting go. It’s a non neediness. A non reactionaryness. It just means that whatever happens, doesn’t affect you very much. This is not to say that life does not have highs and lows, that it does not have extraordinary moments that we will yelp and cry to.

But the most comfortable and blissful way to live life is to be in the middle. The most tiring and emotionally taxing is to sway from one extreme to the other.

In acceptance, we are at the center. What happens around us, does not happen to us, but it is us. We do not take what happens as personal. We do no relate it to “I” or “me”. But see what happens from a distance. We see it as an observation.

If someone cuts you off in traffic, so what? Why take it personally? It’s not personal anyway, that person did what they did for themselves, not to anger you. Even if it was to anger you, so what? Wouldn’t you rather not feel offended and worked up and mad? Instead of seeing it as some malicious act against “you”, it simply happened, and you are present and aware of whats happening, but you don’t make it about “you”.

Acceptance also means to accept where you are in space and time, without dwelling on the past, or projecting into the future. Realize that whatever happened cannot be changed. You attitude about it can be changed however, and it can always be made positive if you see every as a learning opportunity. Living in acceptance means that you accept what happened in the past and leave it at that. It means that you forget about it and you live here now. Projecting into the future is also a false means of escaping the present. Realize that whenever you get to where you “want to go” or whatever you are looking forward to, you will again be longing for the next thing. And that when you get there, it will pass by you in a blur. You won’t even be present to experience what you wanted to.

Again, you must accept when and where you are at all times. It doesn’t mean you have to enjoy, but it means you will be at the most ease. It is as simple as ignoring all thoughts of your past and future. When you notice them coming up, ignore them. When you catch yourself in a stream of thought, stop, don’t be upset that you were there, but simply stop and continue in awareness. This is the whole practice of acceptance. It is awareness of of the present.

The only way to progress is to accept. You can’t go anywhere if you do not know where you stand. You not only accept your space and time, but you accept yourself. You accept who you are. Accept that you are godliness. This you must do because it is a truth. Until you except that you are one with God, you will never make real progress in finding your self. You have already found yourself. You already know who you are. Now you must remember and remember and remember again until you are not longer forgetting.

So accept where you are, accept who you are, and accept that you don’t have to dwell on the past, or long for the future. They are illusions. The only reality is what you experience in the present. Don’t worry, your dwellings won’t miss you, and you don’t need them. All you need is to remember.

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