10/29/30 – Remembering

That is whole point. To remember who we are. That we are not separate, but are one. That we all come from the same place. That we are all the same.

You can’t hate yourself. The reason is that you could only hate yourself in relation to others. You would think that you aren’t good enough compared to others. That your life isn’t as good as others. That you can’t do the same things they do. But the reality is that there are no others. There is only this one life expressed in infinite variations. And your variation is no more or less than anyone else’s. It is simply different. Just as a drop of water is to the ocean, you hold the same qualities of God, just on a smaller scale.

So the whole key of this life is to understand self. Which is to understand God. Just think of this: there could be no you if there wasn’t infinite variation. So yes you are different, but you are just as different as everyone else. What you need to do is bring out your expression of the one self. You need to find out what makes your heart sing and bring it to action. Once you find that, it doesn’t matter what it is, only that you do what you enjoy most, and in that feeling, you will have entered the ultimate.

We have to remember where we come from. Who we are more so than what our physical form is. Because we are not just physical form. We are also undifferentiated form. Just as we are the objective realm, we are also the subjective realm. Right now we are identified only with our physical appearances and our seeming separateness. This attitude brings us emotional pain and unease. It brings hate and division.

We have to remember that we are not only these physical bodies, but we are the undifferentiated body. What we see are unlimited variations of ourselves. We need to remember that we are not just our thoughts, but we are the divine will behind our thoughts as well. We are the creators and the created. So the thoughts and attitudes we have are not our own. They were given to us. We can choose to not be plagued by negative thoughts and negative self perceptions by remembering that we are more than them. We must identify ourselves as godly, not simply human, because then we have the ability to both control and let go. We can choose our thoughts and actions, while relaxing into the fact that all that occurs to us was given to us by ourselves. And it is all good.

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