10/29/17 – Are You Good Enough?

You go through life thinking that you may not be good enough. Or maybe you’re past that, and you think that there are others who are better than you. Not “better” better than you, but just people who have had more success, probably work harder, have better morals, something like that.

But then again, that’s not true. There isn’t going to be anyone out there better than you. At anything. Yea everyone has a different skill set and they have the experience to perform those skills better than you. But when it comes to the question of if you are ever going to meet someone who you think is absolutely amazing and so good and so talented that they make you feel small and insignificant, the answer is no.

You’re it. You’re everything you need. Because it doesn’t matter where you are in time right now. It doesn’t matter the amount of things you have accomplished, the set of skills you have, how much money you are making, you are now at a place where the inner has been unleashed. It was always there. It was always in the open, but now the belief and understanding is here. Enough experience has past, and enough experiences have happened so that you are the ultimate. You understand the ultimate. You are it and you are not it always. Every practice of experience brings you closer more often.

Yes you fail. Yes you lose it. But no one can impress you. No one can throw you. Nothing is so special. And you only have this understanding because you realize the ultimate specialness that is ever present.

There is coolness now. There is steadiness now. Time goes and ebbs and flows. We are at the center. This life is for us. Every moment to be observed. Every time to taken in. Events happen. Unexpected. Random. Whatever they are. We take them in stride, because we accept all. We know how to accept. We know how to be steady.

It is no longer a matter of being good enough or not. There is in fact, no matter at all. Everything can be managed. Everything is let to fall into place. We create with greater ease. We are now the masters. We create with our thoughts. We ignore our thoughts. We are the will behind it all.

We are the creator, the creating, and the created. All at once. We have been the created, Now we must be the creator.


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