10/26/17 – Addiction

What do you really need? What does your person really want? What do you do that does not aid your health? Where is the line?

The line lies in your knowing. Not in the specific things that you ingest or you do, but your knowing about how free they make you feel. Things like alcohol and marijuana are easy to draw a line for. You know you don’t need them. And you can tell when you are abusing them. Anything done habitually is in addiction.

Addiction can be for other, more subtle things as well; caffeine, sex, social media, junk food. And the question does not lie in the amount of your consumption for these things but it lies in how free you are from them. Do you know in your gut that you would be better off not doing something, but you rationalize as to why it’s ok in the moment? At that time, you are living through your emotions, not your higher self.

You don’t realize you fell into the trap of your addiction until after you consume. You may do the act unconsciously, or you may rationalize as to why this time is ok. But then once it is done, if you feel that you have done it in the wrong, you know that you are caged. You have let substance overcome your divine will. You made a choice that does not align with your godliness, but of your lower self.

So we must ask ourselves always if our best self would act the way we are acting now. When we act in accordance to our best self, we cannot go wrong.

We must pay attention to what makes us feel more or less free. Freedom is acting in accordance to your best self. You best self, is godliness.

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