10/25/17 – New Places, Same Faces

Being in new places is very good for us. It’s very healing for us. It’s very opening for us. It throws us. Throws us to our center. Makes us more alive.

When we are in routine, we fall asleep. We travel through the same places, see the same people, think the same thoughts, and it makes us unconscious.

But even though this happens, our routine is the best place that we can practice awareness. Because it is so familiar, we can be aware that nothing is ever the same, that each moment is a new moment, and we can remain alert by treating things as so.

Being somewhere new makes it easy for us to be aware. We want to see all of the new things, feel the different feelings, make sure to be present so that we don’t miss something. So travel is good because it makes it easy for you to remain alert. You can then bring this fresh alertness back into your home routine.

You can remember to always see the world with fresh eyes. With a beginner’s mind. You can remember to remain alert and aware because everything is new all of the time. This is a fact. Everything is changing always. It is only a matter of the degree and magnitude of change. But since it is true that change is constant, it doesn’t matter to what degree it happens. We can be alert to it all the same.

So travel and newness is good because it makes it easy for us to be alert. To be meditative. And the more difference we see, the more similarities we see in everything. In realizing these similarities, we can go through our whole life being alert because we know that no matter where we are, and what we experience, nothing is the same, and we can experience the feeling of sameness in newness no matter where we may be.

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