10/16/17 – Ambition

Ambition is our future. It’s what we worry about a lot of the time. Ambition puts us in a place that we want to be. It puts us at some point in time in the future where we have achieved something. Every moment of every day we have a chance to worry about ambition. Even before we go on vacation, we have ample opportunity to worry if we are going to miss too much work. We can feel guilty about taking a week off of work to go somewhere because we know that we have already wasted too much time, and now we are going to waste more by leaving!

But how silly is that to think this way. Always in the future. Hoping that we can get somewhere by sometime. It kills us! It’s the source of our stress and misery. We wonder if we are good enough to get there. We think about how can kick ourselves for not doing enough work to get to that place.

And we can think these thoughts all we want. But they do us no good. You do not have to think them. I give you permission here and now. Drop your ambition. Don’t be ambitious. It doesn’t make sense to be. You will get someplace whether you worry about it or not. So it is best not to worry.

Your action will take you places. Be here and now. Do the work that you want to do. Nothing can stop you from doing that. Because it comes from a divine source, you will do what you love, and that doing will move you, open up opportunity for you, and take you places. But the ambition is just thoughts. Thoughts that are so narrow. They miss so much. Yet we feel them as real. We feel our anxious thoughts of ambition as if they are really happening. But they do not. They only keep us narrow minded. And holding onto them closes us from opportunity. Closes us from play, and from real progress.

So we must work, but work without fear. Without fear of not doing enough. Not going fast enough. Not being enough. This place you want to go does not exist. You will never get there. You will get somewhere like there. And then there will be another place for you to go. It is like the horizon. You see it there in front of you, but every step you take closer to it, it also moves one step farther away.

Enjoy here and now. Enjoy the work that you are doing. And enjoy everything that is not work just as much. Because in reality. Everything is work. Every moment is opportunity. Everything teaches us the ultimate lesson. And by learning this lesson, we reap the benefits in all aspects of life. Achieving in business life does not just come from doing traditional work, it comes from working on yourself. By becoming more open, receptive, and loving towards life and yourself, all aspects become easier. Because everything and every situation is a reflection of you.

Don’t worry so much about what is to come. What’s to come will come. And you will be better prepared for it if you practice being here in real life. When you are fluid, you are prepared for anything. Because you practice being real. And nothing can affect you. The future is preparing for death. Because those thoughts are dead. They don’t move. They aren’t moving, aren’t alive.

Be alive. See things now. Or else you’ll be thinking about what you may have missed later.

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