10/15/17 – The Best Things Aren’t There

The best things go unnoticed. Not the most amazing or spectacular. But the greatest of goods. They don’t get attention. They don’t make the headlines. They aren’t talked about. People just let them pass. They see these great acts and don’t think much of them at all. If at all.

The most real people aren’t the most ambitious. They aren’t the most “powerful”. They aren’t the loudest. But they are the most simple. They are the stillest. The coolest. They don’t impose on others. They don’t need to talk, talk, talk, correct you, prove they are right, give advice, make sure they are heard, feel embarrassed.

The most sane people don’t need validation from others. Not even that they don’t need it, but they understand that it’s completely unnecessary. Because who are you trying to prove yourself too? You are trying to prove yourself to your own mind. In your own head you create a story that if you don’t do something, some person is going to think some way about you. But this whole thinking process can be dropped. It is irrelevant.

You fight with someone to prove what? That you are right. And that’s all. But it doesn’t matter if you are right or not. It only gives you a false sense of superiority. You aren’t superior. Only your mind makes you superior. And your mind will also make you inferior. Sooner or later you mind creates both. This is why you don’t need to be identified with those thoughts and those emotions. If you feel high, you are bound to feel low. It is law. The law of opposites. Of ying and yang. One minute you feel great because you proved someone wrong, the next you feel inferior because you were proven wrong. Just get rid of the feelings all together. Not that you don’t feel them. But become disidentified with them. Don’t become attached to your feelings. Because they are always changing. And they throw you this way and that way.

Your innermost self is calm. It is the eye of the storm. The hurricane is happening all around it, thrashing this way and that, lighting, fire, chaos here and there. But you are they eye. You are observing all of these thrashings around you. You are the eye of the storm, but you are not the composition of it.

This is the whole teaching:

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