10/13/17 – Earning It

Everything becomes empty when it’s over used. Words can mean so much. But a stream of them, a stream of words and sentences that sound so good to the ears, that excite your body, that go on and on, will put you to sleep. They can go on and on with ideas. Everyone is full of them. Full of ideas that feel so good when you talk about them. Sometimes they feel so good that we forget reality. We are so attached to how good the words sound that we loose what they mean. We loose sight of what those words represent.

People can use words to scare, and to excite. But its never about the words. It’s not even about how you say them. It’s the stillness behind all of those things. It’s either there or it’s not. It’s subtle. But can be felt.

It’s easy to hear so many things, and believe so many things. It’s easy to hear something, and repeat it back to others. It’s easy to take a side, and believe who’s there with you. It’s easy to dismiss those who don’t agree.

But why is that? Isn’t it also easy to see both sides? In reality the sides are the problem. There are no sides. People talk like its us vs. them. Like there’s this group and that group. It’s so easy to forget that people are people. No matter what their ideologies.

Just throw out all of those ideas of sides. Ideologies. Religions. Those are all just a cover. We may think that they say something about a person but they do not. It talks only of their social conditioning. But the ultimate conditioning is love. And that doesn’t mean love the way you think of loving thy neighbor. Or that you should learn to love your enemies, or any of that non sense. It means as a human, as a living being on this planet, you have the love, the light, the divine, will, chi, kundalini, whatever it is you want to call it, we all share it. And that means that we have the capacity to connect with every thing in this universe. This energy is our universal bond. Our universal language.

We must approach one another with a meditative mind. The same for all issues. For all situations. We have to practice not letting our fear get in the way with connecting with others. All of these thoughts that enter our head as soon as we hear someone say the word “republican” or “gay” we are immediately flooded with words, with thoughts, images. Know that all of these ideas are not our own. They are not. They were given to us by society. They are not our original conditioning. So that means that we are the force behind these ideas. That we can choose to act from our original, more comfortable, natural, loving, selves. And that act does not come from preconceived notions.

We must know that all of our hate towards people who are different. All of those that we make fun of. All of those that we don’t like. All of it comes from fear. You hate that person because you fear them. You are afraid of who they are. You laugh because you are afraid because you don’t understand. That is all it is. All of this negativity, comes from fear. And we are afraid because we don’t understand. We can understand more if we are open. If we live with an open heart. With an open mind. A meditative mind.

If you want to feel freedom, Drop your thoughts. You can’t be angry with no thought. You can’t be hateful. You can only be open. You can be in control of your feelings and life for the first time. For the first time you will feel a taste of freedom. You will see that you don’t have to be angry all the time. You don’t have to be anxious and worried. And you will see that there is no need to in the first place. You have just been addicted to your emotions. But you can free yourself of them more and more.

And then you will really understand what love is. You will see why people talk about it so much. Your whole idea of the word will change. Because you will see now that it is just a word. Just one of many many words that represent the same thing. This stillness. This bliss. You will see through all of the religions and see through all of the ideologies. And through it all, you will see your true self.

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