10/10/17 – To Do, or Not to Do?

There exists two types of minds, with every shade of gray in between. One has the feeling that since we have lived for millions of lives past, and will live for millions of lives in the future, there is no hurry now. We can move very slowly because life is so long. Infinite even. This is more of an Eastern way of thinking.

The other says that life is short. We must do everything now and we are running out of time. We only have one life, and a third is spent sleeping and another third is spent in school, so we must do all we can all the time to hurry to get to do the things we want.

Both can be right. But a balance is needed. I think that life does go on forever. That we have lived millions of lives past, and will live millions more into the future. But to me, if that is true, then why not do now? It is simply a matter of, “if life goes on forever, then why wait? Why not do right now? But since I also know that life goes on after death, and has existed before life, I can feel comforted in not having to be so hurried. I know that there is some sort of divine plan that brings me where I want to go, so I can relax a bit. But I am also thinking that if life is infinite, since I am here for this incarnation, I may as well go all out and do my best to experience the most I can. Because it does feel good to experience. It feels good not to sit around and wait, but to push your comfort zone.

So both types of thinking are needed. And behind both are meditation. In meditation, your divine will tells you where to go. As you become more and more meditative, you will naturally feel inclined to act and do much. And you will also feel inclined to do nothing, to sit and observe. So really, neither type of thinking exists except for in the ego. The more we transcend the ego, the more naturally we will live life.

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