10/8/17 – Objectification

What happens when your phone is no longer a phone, but a person? What happens when we treat things like they are people? Why do we treat people like things? Treating the woman you love as a “wife”. Reducing that person to a “cashier” or “an employee” here to serve you?

Godliness is what exists in everything. Godliness is everything. Everything is alive. And everything is you. You become aware when you treat things as such. When you don’t throw your phone down onto the desk because of a text you read, but you are holding it as if it were alive, very precious to you. And it should be, because if you see yourself as precious and alive, you must see the whole world that way, because you and it are one and the same.

The whole world is beautiful. The things that you think aren’t are just because of some past ideas you have acquired. Everything is intrinsically beautiful. But not in the way that you call it beautiful. That you say this is beautiful and that is beautiful. Just because it is existing, and it is moving, and changing, and it is alive, it is beautiful. It is beauty itself. And there is no separation. Between anything. Between the inner and the outer. Because where is your inner and where is your outer? Can you point to each? Can you describe where one begins and one ends?

There is no separation. You are the whole existence. Everything is because of you. It is all of your responsibility. And this is not a burden. This is freedom. This means you are not under the control of something. That someone else should decide what you do or how you feel. You are the cause. You are the light. You are godliness.

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